Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Gaggle of Friends meme

CT and I made it up!

Answer the questions! You can give a reason for the answer if you like. As for tagging people, you tag as many as you want or as little...minimum of one. There's no obligation to play.
Last of all, have fun!

1.First Saint you "met"?
Saint Francis of Assisi
(from watching Brother Sun and Sister Moon since Mom and Dad loved it so much)

2. Favorite Saint(s)?
Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Francis of Assisi

3. Patron saint for the year?
Saint Saturninus

4. Favorite book by a saint?
ack, why did we make it so hard!? Too many choices!!
Actually, I've yet to find one
CT's read more of them than I have

5. Saint book you are reading now?
The Interior Castle By Saint Teresa of Avila
Spiritual Childhood by Vernon Johnson
Confessions by Saint Augustine
The Story of a Soul by Saint Therese
and Saint Faustina's diary

6. Favorite movie of a saint?

7. Favorite Autobiography/Biography of a saint?
Haven't finished reading one yet :-(

8. Favorite novel/book of a saint?
The Joyful Beggar by Louis de Wohl

9. Saint (besides your favorites) you'd want to meet?
Saint Faustina

10. Saint you look to for help?
Saint Therese for advice in taking care of siblings and simplicity
Saint Paul for help in writing
and just any saint to talk to...

11.Favorite saint quote?
Several actually...but:
"He must increase, but I must decrease"
-Saint John

12. Favorite Holy Card?

Found Here!

Reminds me that Saint Therese knew what it was like to be our age.

13. Favorite story of a saint?
When Saint Therese was cleaning the choir, she saw something she really didn't like. A spider had made its home in the window sill...and she was supposed to clean it. Poor Therese, she didn't want to do it. Spiders...kind of creepy up close...crawly...and they have eight legs!?! Taking a deep breath, she swept the spider off the sill, dusted it across the floor as fast as she could, opened the door of the choir, swept it out, and quickly shut the door. Whew.

14. If you could go anywhere on a pilgrimage to a saint's homeland, where would it be?

15. Any Blesseds or Venerables that you would like to become canonized?
Blessed Damien
Blessed Mother Marianne
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
Blessed James
Venerable Thecla

Now the ever hardest part.
...and anyone else who is on the sidebar or elsewhere and wants to do it!!


Esther said...

Oh heck, no tag for me but I'm going to do it any way. You two are good at this!!

Aunty E.

Pueo said...

I've to catch up one memes now!

Pueo said...

oops on not one.
so sorry

Kaila said...

This sounds like fun! I'll get to it right away :-)

Easter A. said...

HA HA HA... on Auntie Esther's. Oh Pueo, looks like we have work to do.:-)

Easter A. said...

Good job, Cy and CT!

GrandmaK said...

There is a gift for you if you will visit. I do so enjoy your blog. I just wanted to say you do a really great job. Cathy

Cy said...

Thank you!! :-D