Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baptism Day

Picture from Patron Saint's Index

Father asked a simple question during his homily. "Do you know when your baptism day is?"
He was disappointed that only 6 (um, not including us...) people raised their hands.
So Father gave us an assignment. If you don't know when your baptism day is, find out!
We know when our birthdays are and we remember other special dates. We ought to remember a most important date though, the day of our baptism. The day we were free from original sin and members of the Church.


GrandmaK said...

January 17, 1947. Was never allowed to forget it in my earthly family as it was the day I was given back to my Heavenly Father in those saving waters of baptism. What a grand challenge it is for those who don't remember or don't know! Must have been a great homily! Good day! Cathy

Kaila said...

I don't know when I was baptized. I wasn't baptized Catholic. But I remember the day I recieved my Holy Communion and became Catholic!

Cy said...

Ms. Cathy
It's great that you have always know that!! Father actually had given that sermon a couple years before, and back then we didn't know ours.

That's ok, I kind of forgot mine last time, then two month later realized it. :P hahaha
Wow, you remember that date? That's wonderful!!