Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas

Special thanks to my Aunt for sending this to me via e-mail!

Merry belated Christmas!!
(it's still Christmas Season at least!)
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Happy New year!!!!!
Hope your year 2007 is filled with joy and blessings!!

I'm from Jupiter?!?


You Are From Jupiter

You are exuberantly curious - and you love to explore newness.
Enthusiastic and optimistic, you get a kick out of stimulating intellectual discussions.
Foreign cultures and languages fascinate you. You love the outdoors, animals, and freedom.
Chances are you tend to exaggerate, so try to keep a lid on that.
If you do, you'll continue to be known for your confidence, generosity, and sense of justice.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Nativity Story

Picture from Patron Saint's Index

We recently watched the Nativity Story - ok, not really recently - and it was an awesome experience! Though the story could be told in mere seconds, The Naitivity Story film expands into more than and hour. From before Mary and Joseph's betrothal, to the flight to Egypt, it reveals just what Mary and Joseph had to endure during their time. Mary is portrayed as a young girl, not quite grown up. It made me realize that she was almost just a normal person. The three kings were given their own humorous personalities. Did I mention they added humor in it? I was expecting it to be so dramatic and serious, but I was wrong. The music was so hypnotizing, the settings and graphics so real, it was almost as if I were there! The movie wasn't absolutely great, but it's worth watching and makes you see how much Mary and Joseph had to do.

Catholic Devotions Meme

I've been tagged by Mrs. Esther
This time the subject is a little more serious.

1. Favorite devotion or prayer to Jesus?
Yes, receiving the Holy Eucharist at daily Mass, and I'm trying to memorize the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

2. Favorite Marian devotion or prayer?
The Holy Rosary.

3. Do you wear a scapular or medal?

4. Do you have holy water in your home?
Yes, right next to the statues of Jesus, Mary, and the saints.

5. Do you 'offer up' your sufferings?

6. Do you observe First Fridays and First Saturdays?
First Fridays, but not First Saturdays.

7. Do you go to Eucharistic Adoration?
Twice a month. We used to do adoration before Therese's Roses meetings.

8. Are you a Saturday evening Mass person or Sunday morning Mass person?
Sunday morning!

9. Do you say prayers at mealtime?

10. Favorite Saint(s)?
Many! St. Rose of Lima, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Francis of Assisi.... Many more, but I lost count.

11. Can you recite the Apostles Creed by heart?

12. Do you usually say short prayers (aspirations) during the course of the day?
Before school, and before any tests.

13. Bonus Question: When you pass by a automobile accident or other serious mishap, do you say a quick prayer for the folks involved?
Ashley usually leads it, we say an Our Father, Hail Mary, then Glory Be

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Prayers and writings of a Catholic Mom and Daughter
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Does anyone else have a blog?

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Christmas Meme

Mom and I were tagged for a Christmas meme by Mrs. Esther! It was fun and hard at the same time. I didn't realize there were so many Christmas songs I liked. Which Christmas songs do you like?
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Mostly Prayers and Writing of a Catholic Mom and Daughter