Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random thought #928

I like random thoughts. ^_^
Well, I was out raking the leaves from under our mango tree today. One section was finally done so I went around the tree to the next. Two minutes later I turned around. Uhhh...leaves there again?? Where'd they come from?
It kind of reminded me how unfaithful the Israelites were...and how were are sometimes. *pauses in reflection...* God had hardly finished sweeping up the mess they had been in and there was another one! But He didn't abandon them. Of course He wasn't altogether happy (major understatement...), but like a loving Father He picked them up again.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random thoughts...or are they?

“What is the best lesson a music teacher can give to a student? It is not teaching him to read notes, nor how to play well. Rather, the best lesson is that which gives the student a love for music.” ~Anon.

“I know some say, let us have good laws, and no matter for the men that execute them: but let them consider, that though good laws do well, good men do better.” ~William Penn

“If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing.”
~Saint Paul (1 Cor 13:1-3)

Sometimes, we get so focused on the superficial shell of what we were doing that we forget the heart of why we were doing that thing in the first place. It’s like a birthday cake. Sure, outside it can be the fanciest cake the world has seen; but if it tastes like sand, your little birthday boy isn’t going to care about how cool it looks.
Let's not forget the Heart of the entire matter: God.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet one of my friends!

Gasp! Can it be?? There’s actually a new post?! It is, and it’s about Father Alberione!

Here's a bit of an introduction:

Now watch the EPIC trailer!! XD

I’ve gotten to know Father Alberione a little more this past year, and one of the things that amazes me is how fiery and passionate he was about bringing the Good News. He reminds me of Saint Paul - his patron; he wasn’t just content with hearing it, he had to share it! It couldn’t be contained! It was something far too great to keep to himself. Father Alberione is called one of the pioneers of Catholic media because his dream was to proclaim the Gospel through it. Of course, back in Father Alberione’s time, the world of media as we know today was only beginning and people didn’t quite see eye to eye with his visions. (Many thought it was absurd.) Well, when you’re working with God, it doesn’t matter what time it is ‘cause His time is His own. And Father Alberione did work in God’s time. Because of Father Alberione, much of the Catholic media is what it is today.

…and no, I’m not just saying this ‘cause I recently spent a week in Boston with the Daughters of St. Paul. (But it had a lot to do with it! Plus I'm sort of reading a book about him. ^_^) Father Alberione really is amazing, and he makes a great friend.

If you'd like to get to know Father Alberione a little more, visit this link!

"One love, Jesus Christ. One burning desire, to give Him to others." ~Blessed James Alberione