Monday, June 27, 2011

You know the saying "Don't Look Back?"

Happy Summer everyone! Yes, I'm sorry for yet another great divide between posts. >.< I won't blame you for not coming here anymore. I really did mean to blog more this summer...but...uh....I had sooo many books to read! And clam chowder to make! And piano lessons....and...and...oh nevermind. (No more excuses, Cy. Just blog already.)

Anyway, I hope this random post finds you well, anonymous reader. :) And thanks for visiting!

Earlier in the month I was cleaning my computer, storing away all those old files into a portable storage device. (Wouldn't it be easy if you could do that with some other things? ^^) Ah, the convenience of the modern days we live in! The only complications I had were that the old files were so old that they needed to be converted into a format that could actually be read (They were in a .wps format. Don't save your work on those). While checking to make sure they had survived the ordeal, I stumbled upon some journal files I had written a few years ago. Curiosity killed this little cat, and I ended up reading a couple more. Gee. By the time I was ready to call it quits, I was ready to laugh my head off!
I remember writing those little tidbits, trying to be oh-so-eloquent, serious, and grown up! (And if you go waaay back to some entries on this blog, you'll see what I mean! I sound like a little girl because...well...I was a little girl! Hahahaha!!) On a more "serious, grown-up" note, I remember having to climb all those molehills, bumps, and mounds - which at the time I thought were impenetrable mountains.
That's what stopped me from laughing my head off. To my little girl self, those molehills never seemed to have a peak to peek over, and stumbling over those bumps made overcoming those mounds the most difficult thing. At the time, none of those difficulties struck me as funny in the slightest (even though I knew I would laugh someday. When I was like, At the time, I couldn't understand why I had to climb those molehills to get to the other side. "Why, God?? Couldn't I just find some other, easier way?"
Looking back now, I know why. If God hadn't made me climb the molehill, I would still be stuck on the bottom of the mountain. If I hadn't stumbled over the bumps, I wouldn't have the balance to jump over ravines. If He had brought me somewhere other than over those mounds, I would have missed the spectacular view the climb had brought me.

And that was the result of only a few years.
Sometimes we don't get why we go through certain things until they're over and we have to chance to look back. We don't realize how amazing our story has become.

So, go ahead, look back and enjoy the view so far. Be amazed at how God has brought you to where you are now. Don't linger too long, though, because ahead of you, there's still more of the adventure to come.