Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations Sister Kim!

Sneaking a post in...
(Thank you for your prayers, dear anonymous readers, they are much help indeed!)

Remember Sister Kim? She is now Sister Maria Kim!
She had her 1st Profession on June 30th.

From left to right: Sister Karen Teresa, Sister Jamie Paula, and Sister Maria Kim.

Picture and article by another Daughter of St. Paul can be found HERE!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving on

Please keep us in your prayers as we are moving this summer. With a family of seven it makes it even more hectic!

Hmm...maybe St. Joseph could be the unofficial patron saint of people moving!

Unofficial Patron Saints of...?

Perhaps (though not officially) these saints could be the patrons of these categories.
Really, though, they aren't officially the patrons of the categories.

Unofficial Patron saints in writing:
Poems - St. Francis of Assisi (He loved to compose songs for God. Certain songs actually do rhyme.)

-St. Therese of Lisieux (click here for her poems)

-King David (He's officially the patron saint as he composed the psalms, all 150 of them!)

Biographies, Autobiographies, and Non-Fiction - St. John The Evangelist (All the gospel writers actually)

Reports, Essays, Letters & Blogs - St. Paul the Apostle (I asked for his intercession once while writing an essay and was finished with it in less than an hour!)

Fiction - St. Catherine Labore (When her little brother broke his leg and was confined to bed, she entertained him by telling him stories)

Plays - St. Therese of Lisieux (She and her sisters once put on a play about St. Joan of Arc)

Evangelizing through media - Bl. James Alberione and Mother Tecla (Bl. James founded the Pauline community and Mother Tecla was among the first. Click here for more information about them, or go to the Daughters of St. Paul website.)

The Official Patron Saint of writers - St. Francis de Sales

Saturday, July 7, 2007

5 things about Jesus

Wahoo! Another tag by Mrs. Esther!
The picture also came from there.

Those tagged will share 5 things they "love" about Jesus.Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers. Those tagged will provide a link in the comments section here with their name so that others can read them.

1. His unfathomable love for you and me.

2. The gentle and humorous way He helps us to see.

3. The meal He provides each day after 11.

4. That He can't help but forgive more than 70 x 7.

5. And the sacrifice He made to gain for us heaven.

Wish I could add more.
Oh dear, no one left to tag.
Well, if you wish to be tagged, please leave a comment.
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