Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saint Saturninus

Saint Saturninus of Toulouse was sent by the Pope to evangelize in the West, which then meant Gaul, Spain, etc. He was consecrated bishop, and with his companion, Saint Papulus, they traveled to southern Gaul. All the way to their destination, they preached. Upon reaching Toulouse, in which idols were worshiped, they immediately instructed, cured the ill, and baptized those ready. He gathered together a small church. Idols were silent when Saint Satruninus passed, enraging many. Angered by his response when told to sacrifice to their idols, they battered him relentlessly. They tied his feet to a bull which ran down a hill. Saint Satruninus' skull was broken, but it no longer mattered, he had gained the most wondrous reward. Two good women gathered his remains, and hid them in a ditch. In honor of the martyr, a church was built upon the spot where the bull stopped, some years later.

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