Saturday, January 5, 2008

Patron for the year 2008

My Patron for the year 2008 is Saint Saturninus!! (thank you for choosing me)

Thank you Aunty Esther :-)

For an explanation on this devotion, CLICK HERE!

There are two Saint Saruninus' on November 29.

One was as martyr working in Toulouse.

The other was also martyred, but in Rome.

Patron Saint's Index has more information
...and I'll be scouring the internet and saint books for even more! :-D


Esther said...

Cy, would you like me to ask Marianne to clarify which St. Saturius chose you? I had no idea there was one, let alone two saints by the same name!
Aunty Esther
PS: You're wlecome

Cy said...

Yes please! Thank you! :-D

Marie said...

My patron Saint is St. Francis de Sales!! YAY! I actually saved his book 'The Devout Life' from the libraries incinerator. Maybe he saw lol.

I actually threw myself on the trolley that was packed with books for the incinerator and begged them NOT to burn them all lol.

I have quite a collection now heehee.

In fun and JOY to you:)