Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thanks to a friend of mine :-)

A Christian parody band

"Although I went to 12 years of religious school (Grades one through 12) and attended church faithfully, participated in choirs, etc., before I became a born again Christian, I didn't have a clue as to exactly 'why I believed what I believed.' When atheists or agnostics or cultists wanted to debate with me, I'd run away.
"Then I started reading the Bible and really, really researching things, and I discovered that there is a whole lot of evidence to back it up. There's a whole lot more to the story, but the point is that I wanted to be able to help others know 'why they believe what they believe.' So we chose the name ApologetiX, adding the "X" on the end to make it look more modern and to ensure we had a name that nobody else had ever used."
~ Lead singer J. Jackson

This is one of the songs my brother knows, so he was craking up. :D
Life Restored (parody of Last Resort)

Really sorry for disappearing again! Can't promise to post more unfortunately, high school and life being demanding at the moment...so there'll be spotty posting...
Hope all is well with all of you and God bless!