Monday, January 14, 2008

Guess what week it is?

Picture from Patron Saint's Index!
Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori is the patron of vocations

It's National Vocations Awareness week...and being one day late in posting, more than likely you know already! :-)
Well, the suggestions by our Director of Vocations (and you can find this here) were:

1. Pray for priests, deacons, and religious sisters and brothers.
Head on over to A Tribute to Our Priests for more and various links.
The Catholic Blog Directory has many many blogs by religious, more than 20 in fact!

2. Send a thank you card to a priest or consecrated person.
If you live over here, that wouldn't be too hard. Over here, we have the Daughters of St. Paul, Dominicans, Franciscans, Sisters of Saint Francis, Benedictines, and Carmelites. Those are only the only ones we've met, but there are sure to be much more!

3. Invite one of them to dinner.

4. Pray for more vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life

5. Consider a religious vocation for yourself

For the last one, Holy Vocations is a good blog to visit.

bit of an update...CT has some prayers on vocation, so please check them out too!


Easter A. said...

Hello dear Cy,
What a way to go!!! Thanks for the boost! Yes, we need to support our priests and seminarians!

Much love,
Mom :-)

Marilena said...

interesting, we have the same blog name. welcome to the blogging world. your mom dropped by and left me a nice comment. may God bless you abundantly.

Esther said...

Excellent post Cy!!
Aunty Esther

GrandmaK said...

You have said in your blog what Ron and I have aspired to do for many year. And it is never to late to start. NOW is a grand time. You did a wonderful job of putting it into words!!! Have a Grand Day!!! Cathy

Kaila said...

I nominated you for an award!

Cy said...

You're welcome Mom :-)

Thanks for the welcome, Ms. Marilena! Thanks for visiting

Thank you Aunty Esther!

And marvelous marvelous day to you both Ms. Cathy!!!!

Wow! Thanks Kaila!