Friday, December 28, 2007

Where do presents come from?

Jenny's parents were desperate for a gift. Being a craftsman and knitter for small business, there wasn't much of an income, yet they held on. Meanwhile a Christmas party was being organized for the town. Decorations, food, music, and of course a Nativity scene, it was Christmas after all. It was planned, that towards the end of the celebration, parents would give their children a gift. Jenny's parents sighed at the announcement, but resolved to gather what they had left for Jenny.
The celebration came, the townspeople came, even Father Brown came. It was celebrated with joy and friendship. Songs sung from the crowds heightened in volume while musicians accompanied in harmony. Growls from hungry stomachs were heard above the din, and Father Brown said the blessing. The food was warm and delicious. Many declared it the best party the town had held and wanted it to become annual.
The time passed. Jenny and her friends sang, danced, and laughed along with their games. She was a tiny girl, Jenny, but her laugh was the happiest of all.
At its near end, the presents were given out at that wonderful party. Gamecubes, remote control cars, dolls, ipods, CDs, sketeboards and much more were given out. Jenny opened hers with all the glee of a seven year old, for the sculpted animals and the child her parents made were simple, yet beautiful.
Jenny's friend's stared with pity, and her parents bit their clutched their hands. Jenny took no notice of these, and ran to hug her parents. Her friends looked with puzzlement, and asked, "Doesn't it bother you that your present isn't as nice?"
Jenny cocked her head. "Oh, no. It doesn't matter if a gift comes from the store, as long as it comes from the heart."

It's been such a busy week, I almost forgot to post this. Can't remember where this was from, though. :-(


GrandmaK said...

Such a tender offering!!! Thank you. For me this is a grand way to start the New Year. Remembering what comes from the heart is more important than what comes from the wallet. Happy New Year, Cy!!!

Cy said...

You're welcome
Happy New Year!!