Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thanks Mom, for the blessing! :-D

I have been "blessed" by Mom and now in turn
I bless the following 3 bloggers:
Kaila, Ms. Micki and GrandmaK.

"The idea… it’s a game of tag with a difference, rather than looking inwardly, we look outside ourselves and bless, praise and pray for one blog friend. By participating in this endeavour we not only make the recipient of the blessing feel valued and appreciated, but we are having some fun too. We’re going to see how far the bloggin’ blessings can travel around the world and how many people can be blessed! Recipients of a bloggin’ blessing may upload the above image to their sidebar if they choose to. To read more about the bloggin’ blessing please click HERE."

I bless Kaila, Mrs. Micki, and Grandmak! Kaila because she is always posting wonderful blessings on her blog as well as music. Mrs. Micki because she shares her holy cards and posts along with them words of inspiration. Grandmak because she is always leaving joyful comments! :-)

May the blessing of almighty God, of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, come down upon you and remain with you forever.

Now, it's your turn to bless 3 bloggers. :-D
Total Blessings sent so far: 7 (? sorry, I don't quite understand that part)
So, all Kaila, Mrs. Micki and Grandmak have to do to is:
a) bless 3 blog buddies each.
b) Include the ‘God Bless you’ image in their post.
c) Explain briefly why you selected the people you are blessing.
d) Pray/include in the post the prayer for the recipients of the blessing.
e) Then type in the com box of Deb's Bloggin Blessin' that a blessing
has been sent to the three you have chosen to bless so we can keep track of how many blessings are being given.


Micki said...

Oh Cy, I'm so grateful for your blessing...and I think I need it about did you know?

I will bless you as I extend my arms out to you and say a prayer...
(just did it...did you feel it?)

I can't pass it along on my blog....I really just do the holy cards with a few words....but I appreciate your thinking of me.
Continue with what you's a blessing in intself.

Kaila said...

Oh, thank you so much!! I'll do this soon. God's blessings on you and your family :-)

Cy said...

Mrs. Micki, yes, thank you, I did feel it! :-D

You're welcome, Kaila!
Yay, I finally got to sort of award you