Friday, August 27, 2010

"What it means to stay awake"

This is actually yesterday's meditation from the Magnificat, but it's too good to keep to myself. Just had to post it! =)

What does progress mean? Progress means diligence, application, and discretion. More, it means concentration to its depths on the work we are doing - for that is where God is for us - without worrying about the past or the future. That is the only way to banish all tension, all anxiety, all those useless imaginations which are so much more tiring than the work itself.
There are two dispositions you must never lose sight of if you would make progress and at the same time remain at peace. For the moment, be content with what you are, and you will find joy and peace, since you already possess God, although maybe imperfectly. Bear with yourself as you are; give simply, but fully, what you have.
As regards the future, never say: "What I am today is good enough for tomorrow." Strive always to become better; to advance towards a closer union with God. Let the present serve as a starting point for the future. Thus you will go from God to God.
Life progresses slowly, and it is only what endures that counts.
~ Dom Agustin Guillerand, O.Cart.
(1945) French Cathusian monk and revered spiritual author.

As a certain member of the Pauline Family would say, "A little progress every day!"

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