Thursday, August 5, 2010


...and I don't just mean that the leaves are going to turn brown and red (even though it doesn't really happen here.)

"To create fundamental change, we, the members of society, have to transform ourselves. If we want real peace, we have to demonstrate our love and understanding so that those responsible for making decisions can learn from us."- Thich Nhat Hanh

Our family has been going through a lot of changes. We kids are growing up and trying to find out who we are and who we'd like to be, and it's not always a smooth ride out. Not only do we have to adjust to certain "little" brother heights, but to the way we act and react to the environment around us, and if we don't adapt or correct each other when needed...well, let's just say that some of us end up going off into our rooms or gardens to blow off steam. =) In the end, though, at least one of us makes that effort (or at least tries to) to "kiss and make up" and remembers to do better. Soon, the whole house is back to its original cheer.
The one thing that we have to keep in mind is that we cannot wait around for a better change to happen. It has to begin with each of us. We're the change that has to happen, and it doesn't necessarily mean standing on a stage shouting encouragements to the crowds. It could be a smile or a simple uplifting greeting. It could be a quiet yet meaningful word of encouragement. If you could make a big change, then do it! Help in a soup kitchen. Donate to a cause. Whatever you do, let the Light of Christ shine in this world that needs Him so much! Be that hope that so many need. Be that change in the dark.

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