Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Adoration

Quote of the week! ...To me anyway. =) Found this in the book "Life for the World" by Sister Marie Paul Curley, FSP.

"Avoid all formalism.
This holds good for all prayer, but especially for the Eucharistic Visit.
The real Visit is a spirit which pervades the whole of our time, thoughts,
relationships, and life.
It is a sap or life-giving current which influences everything
and communicates its spirit to the most ordinary things.
It shapes a spirituality that is lived and passed on.
It shapes the spirit of prayer which, once cultivated,
changes all kinds of work into prayer...
Tell Jesus everything; if you have some troubles, if your heart is full of hope,
full of the desire to be united with Him...
Confide even those worries that you dare not say to anyone...
tell Him even if your shoe hurts.
Tell Jesus everything with the simplicity of a child."
~Father James Alberione

Oh, and please say a prayer for one of my and CT's friends who is entering postulancy with the Daughters of St. Paul tomorrow (or today, depending on your time zone), along with two other young women! Mahalo. ^_^ And please take some time to visit the Postulants' blog!

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