Monday, November 12, 2007

What else you can learn from birds

Seriously, you can learn something else from birds besides the other post's "lessons".

Birds trust completely in their masters (or mistresses).
They trust that they'll be fed everyday without fail, and even trust him enough to eat out of the master's hand.
They know toys will be provided, any master could see their little friends need playthings!
They know shelter and warmth will be given, a warm bird is a very happy bird.
Birds are extremely faithful, once master has proven true, none can take his place.
Birds are fine with their master rearranging their perches' positions, change keeps them alert.
Newspapers for lovebirds are essential, a master knows, birds need to build too!
Though master needs to trim flight feathers, the little one understands, it's a big world outside master's walls, he just doesn't want a feathered friend lost.
Water is always there without fail for a bird, and the bird knows it; bathtime or soup?
Lastly, a bird knows his master will love him without fail, even though bites come or mistakes occur, birds relent because master will always forgive.

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Kaila said...

Very true post, Cy. I thing some of the same things can be said about dogs. Especially, labs.