Monday, May 10, 2010

Damien Day in Hawaii

Mahalo to CT who took the picture! ^_^ We were blessed to come to Mass today and find out that they were showing Father Damien's relic! This picture shows the relic of Father Damien's right heel.
The one thing that I really admire about the gruff, short-tempered, but honest and compassionate farmer from Belgium, is that he dared to go to a place that hardly anyone had dared to even think about. He did what people should have done, but didn't. He cared when everyone else turned away. Father Damien brought hope to a place where hope was a dream. And he didn't do it for himself.
There's something about having heroes who kind of belong to your hometown. Somehow, it gives you hope that there's still such a thing as a hero, and that maybe...just could be one too.

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