Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pro-Life March

We attended the Pro-life March last Monday. For those of you who weren't able to attend, here's what happened:

To wind was slightly blowing, adding to the chilly air that surrounded the day. Wisps of clouds floated across the the Miriam blue sky...
Hahaha, I'll spare you the details.
We arrived at the capital in the nick of time. A few fellow homeschoolers were there already. We were in the back, so I couldn't see who said the opening prayer. When prayers were finished, we were able to get a better seat. I won't be able to tell you the names of all the emphatic speakers, but a few were the Bishop, other pastors, legislators, senators, and the lieutenant governor's wife. They spoke with passion, determination, clarity, and emphasis. They encouraged everyone to speak out firmly in what they believed in: "Respect for Life from Conception to Natural Death". I'm not sure how far we walked, but it was a little further than the capital to the Cathedral, and back. "Dum vita est, spes est" While there is life, there is hope.

Hawaii Right to Life:

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