Sunday, January 28, 2007


Our lovebird, Lilo, is currently sitting proudly on three tiny eggs!!!

Stitch, our other lovebird, is happily chirping away, munching on veggies and feeding them to Lilo. The moment we saw the egg, since we're homeschooled, Dad quickly decided to make a nestbox for the birds. For those of you who are wondering what in the world is a nestbox, it's a small box filled with paper strips where the female bird sits on her eggs. So measurements were taken, a realization of need for a bigger cage arouse, and a trip to the hardware and pet store was made. The project was our math and science for the day Mom decided :-)

I've learned much from the years our four birds began to be permanent residents of our home. What they eat, how they play, what they're trying to tell you with their actions, we've even had an emergency a couple of times...

I thank God everyday for our wonderful, sweet, comic, playful, and loud, little birds!

Saint Francis, patron saint of animals, pray for us!

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Esther said...

Oh how sweet! Recently the Wild Bird Rehab was looking for someone to adopt a whole family of lovebirds...mama, papa and 3 or 5 babies. I thought of asking you but thought your mom would kill me :-)