Friday, February 4, 2011

Every first Wednesday of the month here on Oahu, the Co-Cathedral of St. Teresa has Adoration for Vocations. We attended one, and over the speakers they were playing a Latin/Gregorian Chant CD sung by Sisters. As we knelt in front of True Love Himself and listened to the beautiful music, all the day's troubles slowly melted away and were replaced by the quiet reassurance that everything will turn out in the end.
If you've ever been to the Co-Cathedral, you know how echoey it is there! The echoey effect added to the already mysterious sound of the Chant, and I began to wonder why the Chants are always so mysterious. But when you think about it, God is a bit of a mystery, and the Chants reflect Him...
Anyway. (I lost track of where this post was going...sooo many mysteries to figure out, and most of them we aren't supposed to figure out!) Here's a site that I found some time ago that's run by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. It reminded me of the Chants that played over the speakers.

Monastery Podcast

It's like sitting by an empty beach letting the lull of the water sooth your soul...

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