Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sidenotes and Blogs

Ok, sorry...I didn't realize the link to the Sisters' blog was malfunctioning! Ack >_<

Oh dear...to anyone who ever comes here, I'm really sorry for neglecting blogging. It's not one of my new years resolutions, but I'm going to try to update more often. >_<

Please check out a new blog that's come up recently:
Pauline Presence in Hawaii and Pacific Islands
It's a blog run by Sister Linh and Sister Laura, Daughters of St. Paul here in Honolulu!

Get to know the Sisters, and browse through some of the books on the sidebar. If you don't live here in Hawaii, it's also a terrific blog to visit and learn a little about the culture and happenings here on the islands. Oh, and don't forget to feed the fishes at the end. :D

Who are the Daughters of St. Paul?

We are consecrated women who communicate Christ's love to all people using all forms of media.

If you haven't yet made their aquaintence, drop by for a few minutes. Or, visit their main website at Pauline.org ^_^

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