Monday, July 13, 2009

Where on earth has Cy been?!?!

Well, I have been on earth...but last week I wasn't anywhere near the Pacific ocean. CT and I attended the St. Paul Summer Program with the Daughters of St. Paul in Boston!

It wasn't a retreat all the way really, but it was sort of a camp/program/retreat.
There were classes given by the Sisters on their Charism and Founders as well as a writting class, art class, and media class.
It was a retreat in a way that we got to join the Sisters everyday for morning prayers and Mass, and had an hour of Adoration each day. We did have a half day silent retreat on friday.
Basically, we were able to see how the Sisters lived and what their community life was like.

Of course, we had outings to some places of note! We went to Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Museum, the largest art museum I'd ever been to. Then we went to Louisa May Alcott's house and went on a tour.
CT and I made friends with girls from across the US and sometimes laughed until we doubled over at whatever jokes we had made up during the week with the Sisters. We had a great time - it was the best summer trip we've ever had and we wished it didn't have to end!
But it did, and now we're all back safe and sound and with a memorable experience.

Thank for all your prayers, BTW!

Photos by CT!


Easter A. said...


My baby's back!!! :-)

Mr. Jack said...

Thanks for posting your perspective on your visit. It complements CT's post. Like I said there, I'm glad that the sisters had a great visit with the Sisters! God bless!

Kaila said...

That's wonderful! I had thought about going to that. I'm glad you were able to attend,Cy :-)

The Daughter's of St. Paul in Hawaii were my first introduction to the religious life.

Chelsea said...

It was such a great week!!!! And it was AWESOME meeting you!

Cy said...

Thanks Mom and Mr. Jack!

Really, Kaila? Oh, I wish you could have come!!

I know! Until then I'd only heard about you from CT. So glad to have finally met you, Chelsea!!!

^_^ :-)

Charity Therese said...

heh, after 2 years I think, it was really really cool finally meeting you too Chelsea!! :-D

Pueo said...

that is soooo awesome!