Thursday, October 9, 2008

Picture meme

Yay! Tagged for a meme again! Thank you, Aunty Esther! :-D

Here's the deal - go to your pictures, go to the 6th file, go to the 6th picture and then post it. For bonus points [yeah, sure, there's points] see if you can remember even taking the picture.

I hope I'm not really breaking the rules...the sixth folder in our computer was one with holy cards. The sixth folder in our pictures' folder didn't have us in it and wasn't a nice scenic picture by CT either...

So here's the sixth one from the birds' folder:

Baby bird Merri! The latter part of March 2007 some weeks after hatching day.
She and Pippin were so sweet that morning, curiously poking their beaks out wondering what was taking breakfast so long. What they did not expect was a huge unknown dark object unscrupulously trying to see through the bars!

K, now I tag...
Mrs. Cathy


Pueo said...

yay! thanks Cy!

Esther said...

What a wonderful photo!

Aunty E.