Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guess the Saint

Part II!

It's one poem about the same saint even thought it looks like six. I couldn't get the punctuation...

There she sat a young lass
Hopeful cadence from prayer fast
Hope to save the renegade
Fervent soliloquy desperately prayed

Enamored by the great solitude
All hate did desert oasis elude
Betrothed she was though edict firm
Sincere the love, so tables turn

Stricture expected, contempt and snub
Did not succeed to erase her love
Insensate to all else but Christ
Seeking good in others, little price

Though all usurp oasis around
Nothing malicious could muffle her sound
Ever faithful to above triumvirate
Vestment confirmed vocation sought

Votary peaceful, vocation love
Canon approved from the above
Free of blasphemy, pure and true
Denouement now saved for few

Steadfast faith through suffering
In heaven now with angels sing
Spending heaven for all
Showers of roses ever fall

Oh, and Happy Feast of Saint Therese!! :-D

Picture from Patron Saint's Index


Esther said...

Happy Feast Day Cy!

Aunty E.

GrandmaK said...

I must say I am a little late myself! But have a GRAND DAY AFTER! Cathy

Dawn said...

What a lovely blog you have! I just had the opportunity to visit the Shrine of The Little Flower in San Antonio this weekend. Powerful. Powerful. Powerful. I have to find my copy of Story of a Soul and re-read it. Happy Feast day!

Carolyne Reynald said...

Love St. Therese! I ask for her intervention all the time and she has never failed me. Everyday can be St. Therese Day.