Sunday, September 14, 2008

Write away meme

Pueo started this meme! Hip Hip Hurray!!!
Hers is much better though :-D

"Now I place the same challange on you, write a six-sentence, coherent paragraph with no repeating words and see what you come up with!"

The little birds cocked an eye.
Scrutinizing looks asked just why
Their stomach growled and food bowl lay empty.
Squawking loud so friend could see,
Ignore her book, hear high plea.
They flapped, screeched, for all friendship’s worth
To draw that girl out of Middle Earth.
Startled from peaceful reverie
Disappeared were tales with hobbits in Bree.
Moving toward those DLFs three
She simply said “Yes, your majesties!”

Any repeated words?
Well, I tag CT :-)

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