Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What CT, Cy, & Sunny did during the Summer

Hide from the camera

Fill up gazillions of boxes

Carry them...somehow...

Read lots'n'lots of books

Get dizzy from rides on the swirly chair

Attend a couple of retreats (Cy and CT)


Go camping...the tent is much bigger than it looks!


Watch plants grow

...Oh, and eat cookies!!!!

We thank God for a fantastical summer!!!

Hope you had a great summer!
Well, back to school! Another year of learning fun. Yup, fun!! Who says reenacting the Civil War complete with swords, costumes, and music was boring? :-D


Mr. Jack said...

What a cute post! Thanks for your picture-filled story -- much better than my old first-day-of-school pencil-written what-I-did-during-summer-vacation stories!

Pueo said...

What a wonderful summer story Cy!
I love it!

Joey said...

Very cool!