Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Solve the riddles

Can you guess the answers to these saint riddles? :-)

1. Blood and sweat on He so tired
The veil at hand; and so inspired,
I rushed then quick and pressed it fast
And beheld an image that would long last.

2. I traveled far where none would go
To depressed hearts and hopes bent low
Across the isle on mule did I ride
For Christ in every leper does reside

3. Hermit in my own garden near
Bearing the sufferings of Our Lord dear
Devoted to Saint Catherine in Italy
And entered the same as a tertiary


Esther said...

Cy, well, I think the first one is St. Veronica. The second one is Fr. Damien (you meant leper right?) Third one, I have no idea :-)

Cy said...

Oops! sorry
Thank you, Aunty Esther! I'm not very good at spelling :-)
I'll post the answers next week