Saturday, June 14, 2008


Sorry, I forgot to post the answers...
Here they are:

Blood and sweat on He so tired
The veil at hand; and so inspired,
I rushed then quick and pressed it fast
And beheld an image that would long last.
~Saint Veronica~

I traveled far where none would go
To depressed hearts and hopes bent low
Across the isle on mule did I ride
For Christ in every leper does reside
~Blessed Damian~

Hermit in my own garden near
Bearing the sufferings of Our Lord dear
Devoted to Saint Catherine in Italy
Entered Saint Dominic's as Tertiary
~Saint Rose of Lima~

Thank you for guessing! :-D
I have to think up more now!

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Esther said...

Don't tell my mom I missed the last one.(yes, the Peruvian saint) ;-)
Aunty E.