Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alphabet meme

(Mom took the picture at the May Crowning Tea Party. Our Lady must be having a wonderful month!)

Thank you, Aunty Esther!!

A- A major is a favorite chord
B- boring conversationalist
C- Cy-Cy :-D
D- daily Churchmouse
E- eager to make you smile
F- finished homework today!!
G- going to do the blogging rounds after
H- hope we get to play in the rain
I- itsy bitsy
J- just simple
K- kind of sleepy
L- lalalalalalala
M- mmmm, cookies!
N- niece
O- optimist (hehe, not optometrist)
P- Pathetique, Sonata (Op. 13) by Beethoven is my favorite
Q- quiet
R- ravenously reading
S- Sunny's maid
T- taking days as they come
U- utopia
V- victory over math :-P :-)
W- waiting
X- xylophone...almost the same as piano...
Y- Yay!
Z- zzzzzz good night :-)

You're it, CT!! :-D

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