Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There was a storm here some days ago and it was not so bad, but it was hard enough that the electricity went out. Well, shrieks came and a flashlight was found. Quite unperturbed, the flashlight's radio was turned on. More flashlights were uncovered, and we put on a twirling light show. We started searching for some news on the radio but ended up dancing and singing to one of the songs instead! We hadn't eaten dinner yet, and unfortunately dinner was accidentally left inside the microwave unheated. Chili is as good even though it's not heated, but best of all was dessert: ice cream!!! Haha, we had to eat it so it wouldn't get melted. I've forgotten what we did after that. When the electricity at night goes out it's usually pretty dark, but we turned it into an adventure!


Pueo said...

hahaha! we like light candle when the lights go out, but Dad like bringing out his flashlights! :-D

Pueo said...

Oops I mean "lighting candles" :-P