Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saint Lenten booklist

If you're a fantasy avid reader who decided to give up reading those books for Lent, well, you're not the only one! :-) (good for you by the way!)
Here's a little list of books

The Little Flowers of Saint Francis
Unfortunately, I'm not sure who the author is
If you have ever read Howard Pyle's King Arthur books, this book is written almost in the same way. The short stories of the companions of Saint Francis range from funny bits of twirling, to the inspiring words of holy friars.

My Life With the Saints
By James Martin SJ
Click here for CT's book review
It's not a book hard to read. If fact, if you read it with a willing mind, it's really funny.
The author doesn't just tell you the saints' stories, he adds a bit of his story along with theirs.

The Imitation of Christ
By Thomas a Kempis
CT says it's marvelous. I believe her.
Even Saint Therese said it's marvelous!
Might as well read it...
(No, I haven't read it yet)

The Interior Castle
By Saint Teresa of Avila
With a reader's imagination, this one is not hard at all. If you like reading classic books, even better! Saint Teresa is a very good writer!

Spiritual Childhood
By Vernon Johnson
If you've wished for a greater understanding of Saint Therese's little way, read this one!

...and of course everyone particularly loves Louis de Wohl's books!
The Living Wood (about Constantine and Saint Helena)
Throne of the World (about Atila the Hun and Pope Leo I)
The Restless Flame (about Saint Augustine)
Imperial Renegade (about Julian and Saint Athanasius)
The Quiet Light (about Saint Thomas Aquinas)
The Golden Thread (about Saint Ignatius)
Lay Siege to Heaven (about Saint Catherine of Siena)
The Last Crusader
The Joyful Beggar (about Saint Francis of Assisi)
Set All Afire (about Saint Francis Xavier)
The Spear (about Saint Longinus)
Saint Joan: The Girl Soldier
The Glorious Folly (about Saint Paul)
Citadel of God (about Saint Benedict)
Not sure which are still in print, that list was from an older book...

Some saint autobiographies:
Story of a Soul - Saint Therese
The Book of my Life - Saint Teresa
Confessions - Saint Augustine
(umm, can anyone think of any more?)

whoops, blogging too much
Time to get reading!


Kaila said...

I think I've read all of those books you named by Louis de Wohl. They're all SO good. I have a copy of The Imitation of Christ but haven't read it yet. I usually like to read more during Lent. I'll have to pick a couple books. Thanks for the reminder, Cy!

Marie said...

I was lucky enough to be given the collected works of Teresa of Avila by the dear Carmelite Nuns. What a treasure!

I also have the flowers of St. Francis but have not yet read it. So many books ah JOY!

Peace & Wishing you a Holy Lent:)

Marie xoxoxo

Esther said...

Cy, I think I will keep your list as a reference. Thank you.
Aunty E.

GrandmaK said...

There are so many in the list I don't know where to begin...I did start recently The Last Letters of Thomas More. Very interesting...I loved the movie A Man for All Seasons and studied some of his works in college...I guess I have been call to read him again...Good day Cy! Cathy

Veritas said...

This is a very impressive list indeed. I can only claim to have read a few but I'd love to able to say one day that I've read them all.