Friday, October 19, 2007

Sneaking a meme in

Hurray, tagged by Mrs. Esther!
Name seven things you like about yourself.

1. I'm Catholic, and attend daily Mass (which in this case, daily actually means everyday) :-)

2. I live on an island colored by countless vibrant hues.

3. People my age would probably think I'm weird. That's fine with me, if it means having awesome homeschooling friends that don't care how you dress, having siblings closer to you, and the saints as your bestest friends, then I don't mind being weird.

4. Music is our family's favorite. I wouldn't mind listening to music all day, or playing it.

5. I love reading...and writing...and reading...

6. I have 3 birds (2 are CT's) and have had the honor of watching three clutches of Lilo's eggs hatch, and the chicks grow into sweet little birds.

7. I can't draw, so I finally made the camera work!!

I hereby pass this meme onto three people....
ummmm...well....if you like to play, please help yourself.

(time for dinner...)


Esther said...

No way would anyone consider you weird. I wish all kids were like you and the other Catholic homeschoolers. BTW, you don't have to call me Mrs. Esther. Feel free to call me Esther or Aunty :-)

Cy said...

Thanks Aunty Esther!
(is that ok?)

Esther said...

Sure is :-)