Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saints' Friends

Saint Clare was a friend of Saint Francis who, though he never met her, was a friend of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, who in turn was the great aunt of St. Elizabeth of Portugal. St. Francis was a friend of Saints Anthony and Dominic. Saint Dominic was a friend of Saint Hyacinth. He was also a friend of St. Amata of Assisi, who was related to St. Clare.

I guess you never know who your friends might eventually be!


Esther said...

Interesting bit of Catholic trivia. BTW, what are you guys doing with our pastor? :-) Fr. Gordy is now at our parish. BTW, I didn't know your mom was a model now? I saw her in a Hawaii Parent magazine ad for Pauline Books ha ha. She's famous!

Easter said...

I am? I didn't even know. I never saw the ad. Can you tell us where you got the magazine? He he he... Cy and CT here laughing with me... oppsss wait, at me!:-)

We love you Esther!

Esther said...

I think it's called Hawaii Parent. It's a small magazine. I got ours at Kaiser. You can also pick it up at Safeway. I love you guys too :-)