Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Nativity Story

Picture from Patron Saint's Index

We recently watched the Nativity Story - ok, not really recently - and it was an awesome experience! Though the story could be told in mere seconds, The Naitivity Story film expands into more than and hour. From before Mary and Joseph's betrothal, to the flight to Egypt, it reveals just what Mary and Joseph had to endure during their time. Mary is portrayed as a young girl, not quite grown up. It made me realize that she was almost just a normal person. The three kings were given their own humorous personalities. Did I mention they added humor in it? I was expecting it to be so dramatic and serious, but I was wrong. The music was so hypnotizing, the settings and graphics so real, it was almost as if I were there! The movie wasn't absolutely great, but it's worth watching and makes you see how much Mary and Joseph had to do.

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