Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Bishop's Letter

Happy All Saints' Day, by the way! =)

A quick word/post about tomorrow's election day:

The following pulpit announcement was read at all Masses this past weekend:

"Dear Parishioners:
We Catholics have a mission: to proclaim the good news of Jesus, who came to announce the Kingdom of God. It is a kingdom where love reigns, even in difficult circumstances. Our faith embraces many values, including the sanctity of human life, the sacredness of God’s plan for marriage and family, economic justice for all, and freedom to practice our faith not just as a private matter but as a contribution to the welfare of the entire community. The leaders we elect are extremely important, so I urge every Catholic who is eligible to vote to do so in this week’s general election. Let this sacrifice of your time be a pleasing offering to God. Let us always pray for our community and our civic leaders."
+ Bishop Larry Silva

Since our family serves during Sunday Masses, I heard this letter being read three times. And our Bishop is right. As Christian Catholics, we are entrusted with the mission of proclaiming Christ in everything we do - including voting. Tomorrow when we who are eligible to vote step up to the polls, will we be able to say that we are truly acting as Christ's messengers; proclaiming Him King through our actions? Or are we going to proclaim ourselves in His place?
I pray that each and every one of you will make the right choice.

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