Sunday, May 17, 2009

Items of a soon to be Saint

Sorry for not used to not using the computer for Lent. :P

Father Damien's feast day was last week and we had an exhibit at the Cathedral! Click to enlarge...

Some letters, birth certificate, bills (all with really, really nice handrwiting!), his walking stick, some tools, and his pipe.

Funeral vestment, chalice, some items for Mass, and a tool for making the hosts for Mass.

...and my little brother's favorite, Father Damien's vestment for Mass. My brother stood in front of it and pretended to wear it! :-)

Pictures by Cy, CT, and younger brother


GrandmaK said...

So very nice. Thank you! Cathy

Pueo said...

Wow Cy! Is it all in the gallery?

Cy said...

Yep! Until the end of the month!