Saturday, January 3, 2009

First postings!

Sorry it's taken so long...
New Year's Reminiscence meme!
A meme Otakuboy and Pueo made up! Here we go!!

Rules: none, just share your year's highlights.

1. Taking care of all the baby birds that hatched (my littlest sister would say: Tailz!! My baby bird!!)

2. After being away for a year, our Aunt finally came back

3. Moving again (and going back to daily Mass at the Cathedral!)

4. Ice Skating! (yup, they have a place for ice skating in the middle of the ocean)

5. Camping

6. Joining the choir

7. WYDH :-)

8. Visiting the "secret hiding place" aka, the Blessed Sacrament

9. Gardening (we've never had a real garden before!)

10. Attending all the Pauline Cooperater meetings and Saint Paul courses

Ten makes a "nice round number" :-)
k, I tag everyone who had a good year!!


GrandmaK said...

Wonderful memories!!! Thank you for sharing!! Cathy

Easter A. said...

Cy, that is wonderful!!!!


Esther said...

Wonderful wrap up of the year!

Happy New Year Cy!

Marie said...

I remember going ice skating when I was about 16 and could NOT stand up in the dang things..By the end of the day my er posterior was black and blue! LOL;) I now keep my feet on Terra firma thanks be to God.

With love and laughs:)

Marie xooxoxox