Thursday, August 21, 2008


Tagged a loooong time ago by Aunty Esther and earlier today by Mom!! :-)
Sorry for taking so long...

What picture would I use for my holy card, should I make it to sainthood, and of what cause(s) would I want to be patron(ess) of?

I was trying to hide from the camera, and the only way to do it was to play the piano! (I couldn't hide behind Sunny) So while the little ones were playing Mass - in which TJ presided over- Sunny and I banged away at the piano.
It was agreed before this blog started up that no pictures of us would be posted, but Mom said this one's ok.


In any case, all my homeschooling buddies are tagged!


Esther said...

You would make a lovely saint! TJ was the presider? The Priest? How cute!

Aunty E.

Micki said...

I would make a wonderful saint of "birds". It's funny what one learns about someone, even looking at their back. For one, I learned you are probably left-handed? Is that true? I say that because you have a watch on your right hand. :-)
"Mother of Mercy" song....looks wonderful, wish I could hear you playing it.

GrandmaK said...

Funny when I started reading your post I thought it was music...Silly me! A champion for birds! Great!! Cathy

Cy said...

Thanks, Aunty Esther, and yes, TJ was the Priest! :-)

Mrs. Micki
Oh, that's a joke I had with my Auntie in the Philippines! She wondered why it was accidentally put it on the right. So I wear it on that way just to make her laugh.

Mrs. Cathy, do you know how to play an instrument? If so, it would be wonderful to hear you play!