Friday, April 11, 2008

The Lilies of the Field

(a book review, finally! The last one was June 3rd of last year!)

Picture from Seton Home Study

Homer Smith stumbles upon Catholic Mother Maria Marthe and her four kindly sisters in the middle of the country. Involuntary enlisted by Mother Marthe to build a chapel, Homer embarks on a journey past discrimination of others to the terminus of a ledgend. William E. Barrett's is a story of devotion in one's work and aiding others in need, though they be of different faith and color.


GrandmaK said...

A wonderful book!!! Cathy

Marie said...

I have never read the book but I LOVED the film. It starred Sidney Poitier, er did he win the Oscar for it? I think so and deservedly so. I should remember this in my fave movies of all time.

Peace & love to you Cathy:)

Marie xoxooxox