Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A dozen interesing patronages

...and these are just a few! (ok, well, several)

Patron saint of television: St. Clare of Assisi
She was able to view Mass on her cell wall when she became too ill to attend.

Patron saint of clowns: St. Genesius of Rome
Hired to make fun of Christianity in the 300s, he suddenly converted in the middle of the performance, firmly convinced that Christianity was the true faith.

Patron Saint of astronauts: St. Joseph of Cupertino
Upon hearing anything related to God or heaven, he would often enter into ecstasies and would levitate while listening to the most beautiful music from heaven.

Patron of bicyclists: Madonna del Ghisallo
Cyclists would stop and pray by our Lady’s shrine on that steep hill in Italy.

Patron of stained glass window workers: Bl. James Grissinger
He was a Dominican lay brother who previously served in the army. He spent the rest of his life painting church windows.

Patron saint of net makers: St. Peter
Fisherman and first pope!

Patron saint of tailors: St. Martin of Tours
Split his cloak in two and gave half to a poor man.

Patron saint of spelunkers: St. Benedict
A hermit who founded the monastery of Monte Cassino, he lived in a cave for three years and was fed by a raven during that time.

Patron saint of dog lovers: St. Roch
French nobleman who ministered to the sick. He eventually caught a terrible plague, and walked into a forest where no one else could catch it. There, he was cared for by a dog who fed him with food from his master’s table.

Patron of postal services: Archangel Gabriel

Patron saint of gardeners: St. Rose of Lima
She planted a garden in her family’s backyard to support them and to help the poor. She meditated as well as lived there.

Patron saint of hairstylists: St. Martin de Porres
He was the barber in the Dominican Priory in Lima.

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