Saturday, August 18, 2007

How much?

I can't remember if I've read this somewhere...

Lilly and her little brother Dick emerged from their Sunday school classes. Before entering the church for Mass, Dick asked his older sister a question.
“Lilly, how much does Jesus really love us?”
Lilly was puzzled. “How much does He really love us? Didn’t your teacher tell you?”
“Yes,” Dick answered impatiently “She did, but she didn’t tell me exactly how much.”
Lilly thought for a moment. How was she supposed to answer that?
“Did she tell you about the Easter story?”
“Of course!”
“Weeellll…..” Lilly positioned her index finger an inch away from her thumb. “Do you think He loves us this much?”
Dick thought for a moment. “Nooooo. I think it’s more.”
“How about this much?” The inch expanded into three inches.
Dick looked indignantly at his sister. “No, that’s too little!”
“Want me to show you then?” She asked idea firmly in mind.
“Yes.” Dick replied.
“Jesus Himself will show you.”
It was Dick’s turn to be confused. “How’s He going to do that?!?”
“Follow me.” Lilly led Dick into the church and pointed to the crucifix that hung in the back.
“That,” She told Dick, “Is how much He loves us.”
Dick gazed at His outstretched arms, and finally understood.

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