Friday, February 2, 2007

Eggcellent update

Need to take more pictures...

Egg update, a little old though, Lilo has four eggs now, I think that's all she'll have.

Lovebirds are really playful and colorful, but also very, very loud.
They love to chirp the day away, even in their sleep!

I can't find the camera anywhere, but I'll post a picture, a real picture, soon...


Anonymous said...

your love birds r sooo cute

Anonymous said...

your love bird r sooo cute

Anonymous said...

where did u get the lovebirds?

Esther said...

How long do they take to hatch? Our bulbul didn't have a mate but when she was younger, she would lay unfertilized eggs.
I do enjoy your "eggcellent updates" :-)

Cy said...

Hahaha! :-)
A friend of ours gave us the birds.
It takes a little less than a month according to the bird guides we've been reading. 22 days. It's a pretty good website:
What type of bird is Bulbul?

Esther said...

Oh! Well, we have a red-vented bulbul
Dan found her as a chick and she imprinted on him. She loves him. She eats everything and I raise mealworms just for her. :-)
Your birds are so cute.