Monday, November 27, 2006

Books by Shannon Hale

The Goose Girl
By Shannon Hale

From the land of Kildenree, the timid and shy Princess Ani is sent to marry a prince in the country of Bayern. Skilled with the gift of animal-speaking, her only constant companions are her horse and the birds. However, when her lady-in-waiting decides Ani is not worthy of being a princess and takes her place, the journey alone to Bayern becomes treacherous. To survive in Bayern undiscovered by her deceitful lady-in-waiting, she takes a job as a goose girl until she can find some allies. Yet, how is she to find allies in a foreign country? Based on the tale of The Goose Girl by the Grimm Brothers, this captivating story will keep you awake through the night, as Ani dodges her maid’s treasonous plans and discovers the meaning of bravery.
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-Review By Cy

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