Sunday, July 30, 2006

How to Add to This Site

Hi Therese's Roses!
If you can help add something to this site, that would be great!
Here's how:
Either you go to The Therese's Roses Forum and post something you want to put here, there
Or you can go to the end of this post, click on comments, and enter what you want

About Adding Book Reviews
If you want, you can add a Book Review
It can be as long as you want now!!

About Adding to "About St. Therese"
You can to add something under the category of St. Therese, this section is all about our group's patron saint!

About Adding Links
If you want to add links to a site about St. Therese, or a book, please make sure the site is safe, and doesn't have any ads.

Thanks, I hope this all makes sense!

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